Wait! Don’t Update to iOS 6.1 Just Yet

 iPhone users love having the newest, latest software on their phones. However, upgrading to Apple’s newest mobile software, iOS 6.1, could cause serious headaches for users.
 iOS 6.1

3G Vodafone Problems

iPhone 4S owners on the popular UK Vodafone network that updated their software to iOS 6.1 found that they had problems connecting to the 3G network, using data, making calls, and sending texts. Because of the widespread issues, Apple quickly worked to release iOS 6.1.1, which eliminates the 3G issues that plagued Vodafone users. However, the phone manufacturer has not been so quick to address another big issue with the operating system.

Exchange Server 2010 Woes

Many business users, havingupdated to iOS 6.1, found themselves with issues connecting to their Microsoft Exchange server for their calendar and emails. Some users actually found themselves locked out from the server completely. These issues are due to a bug in the interface between iOS 6.1 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 – the iPhone software is somehow creating an endless loop when contacting the server.

This has been causing excessing logging and increased, or maxed out, CPU usage on the Exchange Server. To alleviate the issues, some administrators simply banned all iOS 6.1 users from the server until a fix is found. When asked who was to blame, Microsoft and Apple simply pointed fingers at each other; though the phone manufacturer was quick to release a fix for the Vodafone issue, they don’t seem overly concerned about this issue.

Users that are not locked out of the Exchange Server are often seeing decreased battery life, as their iPhone is continuously contacting the Server and using more battery while doing so. Users that have already updated to iOS 6.1 and are experiencing issues are recommended to remove the exchange mailbox from their settings and to restart the device.

WiFi Required

Finally, if none of the above issues may affect you, wait to update until you have WiFi access. Though the iPhone can download updates OTA (over the air), the update setup process requires that the user have WiFi access. Users that woke up to a Software Update message in the morning and let the phone update while showering and brushing their teeth are finding that they’re locked out of their phone at work, since they have no WiFi access. There is no way to access the phone’s functionality, besides making emergency calls, until you complete the setup on WiFi.

So, before you update your iPhone operating software to iOS 6.1, make sure that none of the above problems will cause you significant headache – you can always wait for iOS 6.2, when these bugs will be ironed out. iPhone updates are irreversible, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Author bio:

Matt Gonglach is a technology enthusiast and iPhone 5 owner living outside of Atlanta, GA. He runs sites focused on radar detector and laser jammer information.