iPad 5 Schematics Show Thinner Body

Aapple rumorll of Apple’s products are the subject of rumour and speculation for the entirety of their life cycle, from the earliest speculative articles (e.g. iPhone 6 features on the day of the iPhone 5 release), to blurry images and specification leaks for months before release, to last-minute feature inclusions right up to the launch itself. Judging by this week’s leak, we’re still only in the middle of that cycle for the fifth-generation full size iPad.

According to schematic images published by NowhereElse.fr, the iPad 5 will be much thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It’ll be 7.9 millimetres thick, making it a small amount thicker than the iPad Mini (7.2 mm) but much improved compared to the current generation (9.4 mm).


The iPad 5 is also expected to be smaller in its other dimensions. According to calculations done by the French outlet, the iPad 5 will be only 232 millimetres wide and 178.5 millimetres tall – a good reduction compared to the iPad 4’s 241.3 mm height and 185.8 mm width.

iPad-5-vs-iPad-4-vs-iPad-MiniWith the iPad employing the same 9.7 inch screen as its predecessor, that reduction in dimensions will likely be down to a thinner bezel being employed. While Apple recently filed for a bezel that acts as either a non-reactive edge (when held) or an extension of the display (for full screen videos), it’s thought that this patent will appear first on the iWatch instead of on a new iPad.

Overall, the design language will be similar to Apple’s most recently redesigned models. We’ll likely see the same kind of two-tone design that was featured on the cases of both iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

So there we have it – the latest news on the fifth generation iPad. I hope you’ve found these details interesting! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.