iPad5: Just like the iPad Mini?

The rumors that were flying high about the launch of the iPad5 seem to have some substance after all. The rumors claim that the iPad5 will weigh a lot less and will certainly be thinner, and have a lot in common with the iPad Mini. In other words, it is going to be a lot different from the iPad4 which is heavier and thicker. The iPad Mini is to have the very same 7.9-inch display, but will be different in that it will sport the famed Retina resolution of 2048 X 1536 and have the A6X SoC processor that is now found in the iPad4.

The iPad5 is expected to hit the shelves sometime in September, and not March, or April or May as rumored earlier. It will be a good 4mm shorter and narrower by 16mm. The thickness is expected to be reduced by at least 2mm, when compared to the iPad4, which brings it a lot closer to the iPad Mini. Ultimately the iPad5 will end up being just 7.4mm long, which will automatically reduce the weight, and consequently the battery life as well.

The iPad Mini is expected to sport a display resolution of 2048 X 1536, as mentioned earlier with 326PPI and cutting-edge A6X SoC, just like the iPad4, but a little different from the iPad5. The price of the iPad Mini is the clincher, as it is believed to be priced at almost half the price of the iPad4. However, all this has not done much to prop up the sagging prices of Apple stock which is hovering around $460 from a grand price of $700 not very long ago. Does this mean that Apple is running out of ammunition by way of new iDevices or will the launch of iPad5 boost the sagging price line and the morale of the investors? Only time can answer this question.