Microsoft Office Suite? Nah, LibreOffice!

MS-Office-vs-LibreOfficeHaving dived into free and open source software (FOSS) and realized it’s importance and freedom given,  I recommend you to use LibreOffice instead of the Microsoft Office Suite for viewing and creating all your documents and presentations.  I’m not saying this just because I support FOSS. I will provide solid reasons why you should migrate from Microsoft Office which is a proprietary software to LibreOffice which is totally free.

LibreOffice was a part of Apache OpenOffice until 2010.
Whether you have a windows machine or a Mac, LibreOffice can be installed on both.

Microsoft Office

It is a very good document viewing and editing software which will cater to all your needs with very few bugs and is easy to use. The price may be seen as a bit too high given that today the fight between computers and tablets is very competitive and that Windows 8 is not much used many people. One of the major advantages of MS Office is that it can handle enormous amounts of data smoothly. The user interface is also neat and uncluttered which improves the overall usability.


  • The major advantage of LibreOffice is probably because it is completely free and has additional features along with all the capabilities of Microsoft Office such as Wiki Publisher.
  • There are a host of customization and extension options available.
  • There are quite a few bugs, but open source enthusiasts contribute to the project by reporting bugs and even fixing them.
  • One of the major costs of software development is attributed to proprietary software. This is where free software like LibreOffice comes to the rescue. It can handle all your day-to-day needs pretty fast, but power users might see a freeze once in a while.
  • You can open spreadsheets in Writer and PPT in Draw, which is still not possible in MS Office. You can also set the user interface language to your native language (if available) but leave the formulae in English.
  • You can get Libreoffice in every language you want or make it to any language, for which you have to pay Microsoft a lot of money.
  • Libreoffice also imports Vision.
As you have just read, the advantages of LibreOffice Suite outweighs those of MS Office Suite. I hope this article helped you to choose LibreOffice over MS Office.