Microsoft Windows 10: First Look

Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 ( Yes, MS skipped a number) to a small group of 50 people. The company says the new OS can cover a wide range of devices and bring them under one platform and is the start of a whole new era. Introducing the Windows 10 beta, Microsoft’s Joe Belford said the new OS is going to be a hybrid of Windows 7 and Windows 8, combining the efficiency and functionality of both.

windows 10

Joe Belford introducing Windows 10

Live Tiles are found to be on the right side in the Start menu along with frequently used apps pinned to the left side like in Windows 7. As usual, the search bar can be found at the bottom. Other changes can be seen in the command prompt with improved user interface and support for keyboard shortcuts. One useful new feature incorporated is that you can now pin the Recycle Bin to the Task Bar. This shows that Microsoft are taking the suggestions and feedback of its customers seriously and implementing them.

Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 will also have the Charms Bar which was introduced in Windows 8 with slight changes. The company says the OS will continue to undergo changes in terms of User Interface.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview:

Windows 10 Technical Preview 32 Bit (2.93 GB)

Windows 10 Technical Preview 64 Bit (3.8 GB)


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