Most Essential iPhone 5 Accessories

iphone accessories

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most essential iPhone 5 accessories – those that you just can’t live without. With each of these cool iPhone accessories accessories at your side, you’ll be able to vastly extend the functionality and durability of your fifth-generation iPhone. In any case, let’s get right into the selections.

5. iPhone 5 Lightning Charge and Sync Dock

iphone accessories

While the iPhone 5’s battery life is quite good, you’ll still need a top-up each day. Do this the easy way by using the iPhone 5 Lightning Charge and Sync Dock. This dock allows you to charge and sync your iPhone 5 while still being able to watch incoming notifications. The design is very reminiscent of Apple’s own, and the result is a beautifully complementary station for your iPhone 5.

4. Gripmount iPhone 5 Lightning Car Charger Mount Kit

iPhone 5 Accessories

From the desktop to the automobile we go now – this is the Gripmount charger and car mount pack. With a high quality Gripmount iPhone 5 car holder to hold your iPhone in place and a two piece car charger to keep the battery topped up, you’ll always have more charge available at the end of your journey. This allows full use as a GPS or as a video screen for your passengers. The charger is a two piece affair as well, with a USB car charger and a Lightning USB cable – this allows you to plug in other chargers too if you need to do so.

3. SGP iPhone 5 Glas.t Premium Tempered Screen Protection

iPhone 5 Accessories

While most screen protectors are made of plastic and therefore only really add protection against scratches, this tempered glass screen protector provides protection against shattering too. With its premium, real glass construction you can’t get any better protection for your iPhone 5’s display. There’s even an oleophobic coating to ensure that you don’t pick up fingerprints. All in all, a top protective choice that adds almost no bulk to your phone.

2. SwitchEasy Nude Ultra Case for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Accessories

The iPhone 5 has a beautiful design, with a curiously low weight and a dramatically thin frame. Make the most of that excellent design with a case that adds almost nothing to the size and weight, and is transparent too. The SwitchEasy Nude Ultra is that case, and beyond looking good it provides that essential barrier against the inevitable scratches and chips that’ll otherwise afflict your iPhone.

1. The iPhone 5 Platinum Pack

iPhone 5 Accessories

If you don’t want the hassle of choosing a number of different accessories, then why not get a pack that just has pretty much everything you need in it to begin with? That’s the logic behind the iPhone 5 Platinum pack, which contains the most essential iPhone 5 accessories. You’ll get a FlexiShield case, a suede style pouch and three anti-glare screen protectors to keep your phone in good condition. You’ll also pick up a neoprene sports armband for using your iPhone 5 while jogging or at the gym. Finally, you’ll also receive a number of clever stands – one each for your car and your desk – and a proper stylus pen. All in all, a complete assortment that won’t leave you wanting.


I hope you found these selections useful. If you have any feedback, feel free to share it in the comments below. Thanks for reading and have a good day!