Mozilla Launches Firefox 19 with New Features

moz-FirefoxMozilla was first created by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross as an experiment browser. The first version was released in 2004 on November 9th under the code name Firefox 1.0. There have been different versions over the years including 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0 and 5.0. Mozilla has decided to skip the rest of the numbers and the latest version they are about to release is Firefox 19.0.

The developer of the internet browsing platform unofficially (finally) released their latest version after almost a month of Beta testing. The latest browser comes with a slew of improvements. It contains multiple bug fixes which in turn boosts the browsing speed. Finally, many had an opportunity to use the latest version, though it is definitely a pleasing improvement there is nothing great or different in the latest release. It offers the same user experience as it did previously. The only difference is that it offers built-in PDF viewing and faster start-ups.

Though the highlight feature of this latest version is the built-in PDF viewing, there have been few more changes as well:

Automatic bug fix:

Previously, there used to be two key problems when you try to open a page on Firefox. One common problem used to be the amount of time Firefox takes to load a page. This in turn hits on the launch making it sluggish. As a result, a few pages take a lot more time to load which used to test the patience of many browsers.

The second problem is not having any visual indication if the program is getting launched or not when we click the browser’s icon. This makes us to click the icon multiple times which results in opening more tabs than required.

Both these problems have been fixed. As a result, browsers get a smoother interface.

The much talked about PDF feature:

Previously, the PDF files used to open on separate tabs and only on seperate platforms like the Adobe Reader. Now, people can open a PDF file in the same page. The pages get loaded very quickly and people will be able to immediately browse through the documents of any length without having to wait for long. This makes it simpler for the readers to access the PDF files. However, you have to zoom in a little to read the content comfortably. Third-party plug-ins used to slow down the browser or didn’t work properly at times. The plug-in also posed potential risk to the device. Now, with the built-in PDF reader, all the above problems are eliminated!

It also provides Remote Web Console connect Firefox to an Android platform. However, this feature is only on developing stages and is not yet completed.

There was a time when Firefox was a favorite choice over other internet browsers. Now, other browsers like Google Chrome and Bing are widely preferred over Mozilla. Though Firefox is faster now, there are no other visible changes. They have made changes with CSS, JavaScript, DOM and other issues which are of interest only to developers.


Is it worth a download?

For those who are loyal to Mozilla have to definitely download their latest version! If nothing else, it bumps up your browsing experience! The user interface is more or less similar and casual browsers may not find much difference with the latest version. However, developers are in for a few surprises.

We will have a complete list of changes when Mozilla launches their latest version tomorrow. Hopefully, the forthcoming versions which will be released at different dates this year have more changes with the interface! The version released this year will go up to 23.