What are the Must Have Apps for Your Smartphone This Year?

If you have made the investment to own a smartphone, as many people around the world have, then it would be silly not to take advantage of your device and harness its full potential. While smartphones have a whole range of possibilities, it is probably the range of smartphone apps available across many platforms that are the best way to turn your handset into an essential lifestyle tool.

We looked at the apps that you need to enhance your smartphone and revolutionize your life, once you have them you will wonder how you ever managed without them. You can also go ahead and create your own apps easily using app developing kits and be on the other side of the worldwide smartphone app phenomenon.

Google Chrome


This is a must have for anyone who uses Chrome as their desktop browser, and for iPhone enthusiasts it is probably a slicker option than Safari.

Make the most of Chrome by synchronising your device to your desktop so you can take your bookmarks and browsing history with you wherever you go.



Smartphone AppsEven the biggest intellects upon us can stumble across words that we are unclear of when reading a book, newspaper, or magazine. With dictionary – and thesaurus, for good measure – in the palm of your hand, never again be stuck wondering what an obelisk or bezoar is, just coolly whip out your smartphone and look it up.


evernote-appThere are notepad apps, and then there is Evernote, which allows you to store notes, pictures, and even audio recordings in one accessible place ready for you to pick them up later on. Add tags, titles, and any other points of reference you need. Evernote will help you avoid the annoyance of seeing something, thinking, “I’ll check that out later,” and then getting home having forgotten about it.

Family Safety

Family Safety app

This is the perfect app for parents who allow their children to use their smartphone for whatever reason, as it will prevent access to pornography, malware, and various other harmful elements that you can find online.

As well as the pre-set options, there is a custom setting allowing you to block specific sites, too.


Angry Birds Space

Smartphone Apps

What is a smartphone without an iconic game to pass the time while sitting on the train, or while your partner is watching something on the television you’d rather avoid?

The Angry Birds franchise is growing all of the time, and while there is a variety of fun variants to choose from, our favourite would have to be the space edition.



nasa appWhile there are a range of NASA apps that covers everything from live coverage from inside the International Space Station to the global weather, this main offering brings you the best from each one together in one place, that you can then link to at the touch of a screen.

Why have five apps when you can get the same in one?


mint.com appKeeping track of our personal finances is something that almost everyone could do better. Not having the time is often an excuse thrown out, so download yourself an app such as Mint that will mean you can manage your money on the go, cutting out the nasty surprise of having a card declined when making a relatively small purchase.

Bring your smartphone to life, and make yours easier, by downloading these essential apps now.

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