Must-Know Tricks for Android Tablet Users

Android Tablet

Tablets are supposed to make your world easier, but that often isn’t the case for new tablet users. Some people trudge along with their new Android tablet without coming close to tapping into everything the device can do. If you’re going to spend a pretty penny on a new gadget, you deserve to take advantage of everything available. Try out these tricks the next time you pick up your tablet.

You probably already have a Google account, but if you don’t, you’re about to. Android tablets require a Google login, and it’s best to use the one you use regularly. Your accounts will be synced, and it’s a pain if you opt to register your junk account. Just like your reputable SEO company, you have to put a little trust into your device.

Use What You’ve Got

Android tablets double as massive USB storage devices. This can be very tempting and much easier than digging around for that flash drive. However, just because your tablet is larger (and much more expensive), it’s still just a storage device. If it’s damaged and you haven’t backed up files and photos in cloud storage, they’ll be gone.

This is also important to remember in case your tablet is stolen or lost. Don’t depend on any tangible device as your sole storage system. Your tablet also recognizes flash drives, and keeping files both in cloud storage and on flash drives is a smart move.

There’s an App for That

There are two main avenues for getting apps on your tablet. The Android Market and Amazon’s shop for Android Apps offer the biggest selection. Some apps are free while others are quite expensive. Don’t go app-crazy, but don’t avoid downloading altogether. Instead, carefully consider what you’ll really use, whether it’s an alarm clock or Groupon app.

Some apps create problems, like messing up screen rotation. Other apps aren’t compatible to your operating system. Before you download an app, check the compatibility, especially if you’re using an older tablet. If your screen rotation is finicky when using a certain app, it likely can’t be fixed and it’s best to download another, more compatible application.

Android Tablet

Explore Your Desktop

The tablet desktop has plenty of real estate space and deserves some exploring. Click on the right arrow for a quick rundown of recent apps you’ve used. This serves as an app-browsing history and is often easier than scanning your desktop and flicking to different areas to track down what you’re looking for.

The best way to learn your new tablet is to spend time with it. Poke around, explore and enjoy your new device. There’s a steep learning curve for some users, but practice is the best tool in technology.

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