My Skills after 2.5 years as a Software Engineer

Skills learnt at work

  • Programming
  1. Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
  2. Basic level programming in JavaScript
  • Software Development Tools
  1. SonarQube
  2. Atlassian Crucible, Confluence
  3. Build automation using Jenkins
  • Software
  1. Oracle WebLogic 11g, 12c
  2. Oracle RDBMS 12c
  • Soft skills
  1. Team collaboration
  2. Work ethics
  3. Time management

Skills learnt during College

  1. Basic Java
  2. Basic C, C++, C#
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms
  4. HTML, CSS

Self taught programming skills

  1. Basic Python
  2. Intermediate Java
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms

Self taught miscellaneous skills

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. SEO
  3. WordPress
  4. After Effects
  5. Internet Marketing
  6. Blogging/Content Writing

I feel left behind when comparing my skills with other people having 2.5 years experience.

I have no clue what is Spring, RESTfull, Hibernate and other things which seem to very much in demand.

I must say I learn things pretty quickly and have a knack for getting things done using Google search and StackOverflow. This skill is a must and most of Software Engineers are like this :)

I really wish I had got to work using Java. Looks like there are endless job openings for Java and it’s related technologies. PL/SQL not so much.

I’m looking for any guidance for advancing my career.

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