Online Business Tools Every Business Should Consider

Online Business Tools

Prudent entrepreneurs are always seeking better ways to manage their business and expand in a competitive marketplace. There are many online tools available that can be used for a variety of business purposes. These tools can track assets, test website performance, collect payments, invoice customers, collect and analyze data and share videos.

Computer Asset Tracking Software

Tracking and managing assets is a very important function for any businessperson. Like any viable business tool, the focus should be on selecting a tracking tool that saves time and money while making it easier to manage crucial business assets. For example, tracking computer software and hardware is complicated. By effectively tracking existing assets, companies save significant money on new purchases by fully utilizing available inventory. Tracking systems also makes it easier to identify theft issues quickly, which can also save a company a substantial amount of money over time. Computer asset tracking software can be purchased online, with some free versions also available for testing during a trial period.

Website Data Collection

If it is true that information is truly king, then there is certainly no debate about the importance of collecting data from the company website. There are numerous online tools available that can help a company collect this important data in real time. When considering one of these business aids, it is important to consider how well the software integrates the data for analysis purposes.

Online Payment

Online Payment Services

For any businessperson who is selling online or hoping to get paid online, there are several prospective online partners worthy of review. While there are many players to choose from, key considerations remain the same for any entrepreneur. Security continues to be of paramount importance when selecting an online partner for payment purposes. The other crucial factor that must be analyzed is how easy the system is to use. The last thing any businessperson wants to do is to make it hard for a customer to pay.

Time Tracking and Invoicing

Many companies bill professional services by the hour and require a time tracking tool for billing purposes. To ensure prompt payment, it is always crucial that invoices be detailed and accurate. Attorneys, accountants and engineers are three professions that typically bill by the hour. There are many other professions who also send invoices based on tracked time. Selecting an online tool that it is easy to use is always a top priority.

Website User Testing

A very valuable tool for understanding prospective customers’ experiences on the company website is to actually watch a video of them on the site. How long are customers staying on the website? Are they clicking on different pages, or are they leaving the site after checking out one specific page? Online tools that help business management understand the customer experience provide useful information for improving the company website.

Video Sharing

Video Sharing sites

Buyers respond to videos. For this reason, more and more companies are embracing videos as an important business tool for communicating with customers. The main factors to consider when selecting a video tool are cost, quality and ease of use. A poor quality video is worse than no video at all.


Online tools make it easier than ever before to manage and utilize company resources. In a competitive business environment, a company’s ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions is crucial for survival. Online business tools can dramatically impact efficiency, and promote an increased probability for success.

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