4 Security Tips for a More Secure Online File Storage Service

online file storage service

One of the primary reasons some people are hesitant to use an online file storage service is because of security concerns. While there are inherent risks to storing anything online, there are also a variety of proactive ways to create additional layers of protection. The key is finding security measures which are easy to implement and provide quality results.

Keep an Eye on the Included Features 

The easiest way to get more protection from online file storage services is by only choosing providers which offer built-in security features. There are a growing number of different techniques which are quickly becoming standard practice. Along with focusing on specific features, taking a look at the security history of an online file storage solution before signing up is always a good idea.

Don’t Cause the Problem 

A security strategy is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to online file storage, the weakest link often turns out to be user. One of the most important steps everyone should take before uploading files is double checking their own machine for potential threats. These threats include viruses, Trojans, and key loggers. All of the threats can quickly turn a secure online file storage service into a security nightmare. Another common way users cause the problem is by sharing their password or using a weak password. If a hacker gains access to the user’s account, they can often do far more damage than if they had to begin their attack from the outside.

Always Use Some Type of Encryption during the Transfer

The next step is ensuring that some type of encryption is always used when files are being uploaded to the online file storage site. Many online file storage services will automatically establish a secure, encrypted connection anytime a user logs into their account. At the same time, this feature hasn’t completely become standardized, so it is important to double check. If automatic encryption is not available, then creating an encrypted data stream becomes the user’s responsibility. The easiest way to achieve this is by setting up a VPN connection.

Consider Storing Files in Their Encrypted Form

If the security of specific files, documents, images, or videos is particularly important then there is one more layer of protection which can be utilized. All of these files can be password-protected or encrypted before they are uploaded to the online file storage solution. This prevents the files from being accessed and deciphered, even if a hacker gains access to the account itself. One thing to keep in mind is encrypted files are typically larger because the data has been encapsulated. Depending on the file size restrictions or total capacity limits, this type of encryption may not always be a possible solution.

online file storage service

Final words

Online file storage is inherently risky, although a majority of risks have already been minimized by the solution provider. People who are still wary of uploading sensitive information to their account can take additional steps to create additional layers of protection and enhance security for all file types.