5 Reasons Outsourcing IT Solutions is the Future for Nonprofit Websites

Outsourcing IT SolutionsPerfecting your nonprofit website is key to its success. This is due to nonprofit websites usually being the first point of contact for people interested in your cause. Your website should convince people that your nonprofit is worth their time and money. This is why it is important to make sure your nonprofit website is an accurate representation of your organization’s mission. Although you may feel that your nonprofit website is in full swing, you should take a step back and put on your objective goggles. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, is it? We understand. There’s a lot of hard work put in to building a fully-functional website. The process involves a lot of long hours, trial and error, fixing bugs, and many unsolicited technical surprises.

For this reason, many NPOs are choosing to outsource their IT solutions. In fact, outsourcing statistics reveal that organizations generally use outsourcing as an innovative way to reduce costs, improve efficiency and functionality, as well as to amplify organization value. It comes as little surprise, really, that IT outsourcing is the future for nonprofit websites. Although there are many benefits of outsourcing your IT processes, I will concentrate on the top five reasons outsourcing is the future for nonprofit websites.

1. Outsourcing IT Solutions Cuts Dispensable Expenses

Due to limited financial freedom and economic constraints faced by nonprofits, the promise of cutting costs is particularly appealing. Outsourcing IT solutions cuts infrastructure, staff, technology, and maintenance costs associated with maintaining a nonprofit website. By connecting with the right IT outsourcing provider, you are relieving your nonprofit from various dispensable expenses, including:
• Overall employee recruitment process, including hiring and training
• Health insurance
• Paid leave, including vacation, maternity and sick leave
• Various fringe benefits

2. Outsourcing Website Management Improves Nonprofit Efficiency

Many nonprofit organizations, especially smaller ones, simply do not have the adequate capacity to handle various back office operations. This includes managing IT operations necessary to sustain a useful and functional website. The less time on-site staff spend on back office operations, the more time they have to dedicate towards other ways of fulfilling their nonprofit mission, like promotion and fundraising. Another perk of outsourcing is working with the latest technology which nonprofits alone cannot afford.

3. Provide Nonprofits Access to Professional Expertise

Outsourcing IT services connects you with skilled professionals in the IT sector. Forget about investing in training and recruiting new IT staff to manage your website. Outsourcing providers ensure your website is managed by skilled professionals. Additionally, the difference in wages between an IT professional on-site and off-site is quite distinct, yet the quality remains high. Consequently, you are working with highly skilled experienced professionals without forfeiting quality.

4. Direct Focus to Core Nonprofit Interests

Getting an outsourcing company to manage your nonprofit website allows you to direct your focus on areas that are of core interest to your organization’s mission. Namely, you will have more time and resources to build your nonprofit name, invest in research, fundraise, and network with potential associates.

IT support outsource results

5. Flexible Staffing

Flexible staffing is another reason nonprofits are choosing outsourcing as a strategy for managing their website. This allows them to decide who they work with, for how long, and when. Furthermore, due to many IT outsourcing providers being located off-shore, you can also reap the unique benefits from being in different time zones. This means IT operations working round-the-clock. Nevertheless, make sure you do some research in order to find the best IT outsourcing provider to manage all your IT needs.

Yes, being a nonprofit organization is not easy. But it is something that rings with passion and compassion. And these characteristics are the foundation for inspiration. So, make sure that your voice is embedded in your nonprofit website. The benefits that outsourcing provides confirms that outsourcing is in fact the future for nonprofit websites.

We’re interested in your thoughts. Do you think outsourcing IT solutions is in fact the future for nonprofit websites? Have you used outsourcing? What is your experience? We would love to hear your opinion on this topic in the comments below.

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