Pinterest and Instagram: Very few business uses says research

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the most widely used social media platforms for business that is both professional and personal, says a recent study of PR and social media consultancy Whizpr. Not a surprising conclusion, but the difference between personal preferences and business use of social media is interesting.

Facebook (94%) and Twitter (82%) correspond to the most widely used social media platforms by businesses . The relatively newer channels like Pinterest and Instagram are moderately or used privately by a third of respondents, but hardly for business purposes.

YouTube and Google+ are used by half of the respondents moderately both private and business.


Image or text?

Commercial Share marketers use textual content 50% of the time and images 37% of the time to leverage social media for business purposes. Video is not considered a favorite kind of content. Private share marketers, almost half, however, preferred to images. Text is 28% in second place, followed by video (16%).

” These results are no surprise to us. However, what we do wonder, is that professionals no longer adapt to the preferences they own when it comes to the commercial and business use of social media. Not only what platforms they use, but also in type of content , “said Father Willemijn, creative director of Whizpr.
” That Facebook and Twitter have preferred is obvious, but why are channels like Pinterest and Instagram are not used more frequently on a business level? Image is increasingly valued by users of social media. And these channels lend themselves well to. Besides showing other studies that these channels have grown considerably in the last year”


When personal use of social media has to have informative messages, such as current affairs, 43% favored, infographics and facts. Activating messages, such as calls or private actions are moderately less appreciated. Companies share especially informative messages to their target audience (65%). A fifth of marketers want-commercial target group still amuse or activate instance win promotions. When asked why social media for business?, marketers’ social media for business purposes bets, gives more than 40% that interact with the target group (engagement) as the main reason. For a third of the respondents is brand building. 18% turn to social media for lead generation, and only 6% use social media for support.

” Although this study has yielded no results shocking is the biggest question that comes to us “why marketers adapt their business behavior in social media is no longer on their own preferences.” If the goal is commitment to the use of social media, you adapt yourself to the preferences of your target audience and why should that much different from the personal preferences , “said Father Willemijn.
” My conclusion is that a lot of marketers are conservative in the use of social media for business and emerging channels should be central image there.”

Benefits of using social media for business

  • It is very easy to grow your web site traffic by means of generating leads from social platforms. More traffic translates to more business opportunities.
  • Branding becomes very easy by making your social media page official.
  • Engaging with potential customers is easy and friendly.
  • It becomes easy to show the popularity of your business to new customers
I hope you enjoyed this article on Pinterest and Instagram. Now go get social.