A review of automated testing tools for secure product launches


We are living in the era of automation. There are so many devices and apps to pay attention to. Each task has its own application, and there is a software for everything. From educational courses, how-to tutorials, banking, online shopping to the highly competitive photo editing industry, the software has transformed the way we perform everyday tasks. Since we are becoming highly dependent on software to complete our tasks, it is the time we considered automating our tasks as well. It helps in minimizing work effort and excluding the daily drill of repetitive tasks that keep our focus away from work that really matters.

Software testing is a key phase of software development lifecycle. It ensures that the software is built according to the latest industry standards and the software delivered to the user is in top condition. We have compiled a list of software testing tools which automate the process for you and are the choice of software testing engineers all over the world:

Test Complete

Test Complete is a highly functional platform for software testing. It offers a variety of solutions to its users for testing on desktops, apps and mobile screens. It offers the following features:

• Testing the GUI

• Multi-language script support like JavaScript, Python, VBScript, C++ and C#

• Visualization of tests

• Test scripts

• Playback and recording feature for tests


Accelq is a top-notch automated software testing tool for your next big software project. Here are some of the features of this next-gen tool:Accelq is a top-notch automated software testing tool for your next big software project. Here are some of the features of this next-gen tool:

• Codeless script writing for tests, this eliminates the coding confusion for people who are not friendly with multiple coding languages

• It automates your tests three times faster

• Focuses on your business development processes and works in a behaviour-driven manner

• Aligns with entire testing process to your business development agenda and keeps regular checks since the beginning of the software development lifecycle

• Includes an extensive collection and archive of self-healing heuristics• Works on the agile methodology to deliver quality results

• The best quality tests within your budget

• Highly supportive customer service team which are ready to solve your testing problems as soon as you reach out to them


The Ranorex studio has prepared many features for software engineers who wish to run automated test scripts on a regular basis. It covers all platforms like desktop, mobile and web. This is the list of features it offers:

• GUI testing

• Archiving and reusing test codes

• Bug detection

• App integrations

• Playback and record feature


Selenium is an automated testing framework which provides multiple features to test web apps and software pre-launch. It supports testing on the most popular browsers of today like Safari, Chrome and Linux. The best thing about Selenium is its ability to provide test script writing in multiple languages like Java, PHP, C#, C++ and Perl. There are a record and playback feature in this tool and an option to archive the past test scripts.

Selenium can smoothly integrate with apps and software to provide you with a streamlined software development life cycle. You can include this tool as a native part of your browser. Selenium can smoothly integrate with apps and software to provide you with a streamlined software development life cycle. You can include this tool as a native part of your browser.


TestingWhiz is a software testing tool which provides a platform for software engineers to write codeless test scripts. Its enterprise version provides a vast collection of features in automation, like web application testing, software testing, regression testing, API testing, mobile testing and database testing before you launch. Here is a list of features included in TestingWhiz:

• Testing is based on keywords and data distribution

• Recording and playback feature

• Internal Recorder

• Testing commands

• Built-in JavaScript

• Integration with bug-testing tools

• Integration with test management platforms

• Testing based on high-risk areas

• Agile testing in continuous delivery cycles


Web application testing can be performed easily through this simple yet innovative tool called Sahi. It is an open source testing tool which is written in Java and JavaScript languages. It has the following features:

• Multi-browser testing with the popular browsers of today

• Supports Dojo, YUI frameworks

• Record and playback during browser testing


Watir is also an open source testing platform which is based on Ruby libraries. It can automate software testing in the most convenient of ways. It’s pronounced as ‘water’. Watir has the following features:

• Testing web apps written in any language

• Browser testing on two platforms

• Integration with business-driven testing tools like Cucumber, RSpec, etc

• Test web pages, buttons and many other elements


Testim.io provides you with the option to adapt to machine learning when writing, executing and maintaining automated test scripts. This tool is based on machine learning so that it can smartly predict dynamic locators and document every script execution process. The outcome of this innovation is that the process becomes super-fast and stabilizing tests is easier. Automation and machine learning combine to bring you the comfort of eliminating flaws before the software is released into the market. This tool has a great portfolio and has served  customers like Netflix, Wix and Verizon Wireless.


Katalon is a powerful testing automation tool for your next software project! It provides solutions for mobile testing, web testing, API testing, all for free! Here is the list of features offered by Katalog:

• Test automation

• Record and playback feature

• Writing test cases

• Writing test scripts

• Executing tests based on automation

• Report-based tests

• Integrations with the top apps in the industry

• Smoothly aligning with the software development lifecycle

This tool runs on both Mac and Windows Operating System and supports the automation testing of iOS, Android apps, web apps and also tests on browsers and APIs. It can smartly integrate with tools like JIRA, qTest, Git and Slack.

Last words

The tools mentioned in this list have been tried by thousands of customers to launch successful software projects. Your next software project is in dire need of automation testing so that it can cater to the highly competitive industry of today. Customers won’t use a software again if it is unfit or lagging on their devices. Therefore, you need to launch a software with longer shelf life and shorter update spans.

Which of these tools have you used and which ones would you recommend to other software developers? Tell us in the comments section below.


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