Samsung Galaxy S4 – First Look

After all the hushed whispers and the wild speculation the Galaxy S4 from Samsung is finally here. The S IV will be Samsung’s latest challenger to the iPhone 5 apart from being the successor the Galaxy S III, the most popular Android Smartphone to date.
The Korean company chose the Radio City Music Hall in the Big Apple to unveil the new phone. I think you can safely conclude that it will hit the market in a couple of months.

The phone has gone from 4.8 inches to a rounded figure, 5’ inches. The design, while similar to the S III, is slightly more refined. The shape is a tad more rectangular.

The screen is super AMOLED but with 1080p full HD( resolution 1920 x 1080, ppi: 441); this makes for stunning clarity.

The CPU could be either the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro or the Exynos Octa 5, both powerhouses in their own right. The Ram is likely to remain 2 GB. The camera is another matter. It’s going to be a 13 MP snapper. IT also has some amazing new features. Like including yourself in your family pictures even if you are not with them. You can place yourself in a little bubble in the frame. Your pictures are also sorted into albums depending on date or background. The eraser features allows you to snap a few picks quickly and then delete pictures of unwanted persons who stray into your frame.samsung_galaxy_s4_mini_hands_on_preview

Inbuilt storage is variable, with their being 16, 32 and 64 GB models available. A micro SD card slot is also available. Max supported memory is 64 GB.

The battery will be 2600 mAh, larger than the S III’s.The operating system for the S IV will be Jelly Bean 4.2.2, the latest Android version as of now. Of course, it will be masked by the TouchWiz interface from Samsung, making your interaction smooth and hassle free, apart from offering an entirely different experience.

There are some never-before features included in the S4; let’s check them out:

· S Translator: this enables translation of your mails and texts to different languages like Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and so on.

· Voice recognition in the S4 can give stiff competition to Apple’s Siri.

· Air Gesture: with this you can change audio tracks, browse your photo gallery and scroll web pages by simply waving your hand over the screen.

· Smart Scroll lets you scroll web pages vertically and horizontally when you tilt the phone; you just need to keep looking at it and it tracks your face and wrist movement at the same time.

· Air View: view your video email or photo details by hovering your finger over them. This feature was earlier available on the Galaxy Note, but with the stylus.

· Smart Pause: your video is paused the moment you turn your head away from the screen, and when you look back at it, the video resumes.

· S Health: By hooking it to certain devices you can measure your blood sugar and pressure, and there is also an option to measure heartbeats, called S band.

It is not yet known what the Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost; but of one thing I am sure. It has a host of fantastic features that will give the iPhone 5 a run for its money.