Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Include Eye-Tracking

As well as featuring an eight core CPU and other bleeding edge hardware, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 will include a number of new software innovations. Samsung differentiated themselves from the competition successfully with the Galaxy S3, and will no doubt be looking to accomplish the same goal here.
The New York Times has reported that the new phone will include an upgrade to the ‘Smart Stay‘ technology introduced with last year’s phone. That feature tracked your eyes using the front-facing camera, and ensured that the screen wouldn’t switch off while you were looking at it. Now, it appears that Samsung have upgraded their eye-tracking technology with some new features for the Galaxy S4.According to the Times one of these new features is Smart Scroll, where “new paragraphs will automatically come into view when your eyes hit the end of a paragraph.” Smart Scroll will work on the Samsung internet browser, Chrome, the Samsung email client and Gmail, among others.

Screenshots have also surfaced from an apparent Samsung Galaxy S4 via SamMobile, showing options for another feature: Smart Pause. This feature automatically pauses video playback whenever it detects that your head is moving away from the screen, ensuring that you don’t miss much if your attention is diverted from what you’re watching.

These features should definitely add to the allure of the Galaxy S IV – with a strong Galaxy S IV accessory ecosystem, powerful hardware and clever software, it’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to be announced in a Samsung Unpacked press event in New York next week. Stay tuned for all of the latest news.