How To Secure Your WordPress Website To The Max


Do you own a WordPress website? Then the security of your wordpress website can be something that is of great concern to you. You just cannot imagine what hackers can do to your website. You may be selling certain products online using your website where you have gained a lot of customers hence making great profits.Hackers can be your competitors who can end up posting comments that will lead to destroying your business. This makes it necessary for you to try as much as possible to ensure your worpress website is secure where no hackers will be able to access it. The following is a guide on How To Secure Your WordPress Website

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Select a hosting company that has high level of security.

The first step for you to archive in having high level of security in your website is to select a hosting company that offers a high level of security. Remember to stay away from hosting your website using hosting companies that are highly vulnerable to hackers. For you to achieve in selecting the best company that will ensure you are secure, you should compare different hosting companies available and be able to decide which one is the best when taking the security of their servers into consideration.

Change admin account and create a strong password.

Most wordpress accounts will have admin user. This is common. Many hackers will use it and hack into your account. For you to stay secured, you need to change the admin account into a name that you have chosen. This will be your password because you will be the only one who will be aware of it and hence keeping potential hackers at bay.


Install the latest version of WordPress.

It is easy to achieve some level of security by installing the latest version of wordpress. In case you have the old version, it is possible that the hackers have learned the tricks on how to hack into your system using some weaknesses that may be present in the old versions. By just installing the new version, you will make it a bit hard for the hackers to attempt hacking your site. Because the versions are changing every now and then, it is advisable to always stay updated on the latest versions available.

Ensure that your server is secure.

Your server can be a gateway for hackers to attack your wordpress site. First employ security measures such as having a good server firewall that will prevent any hackers from interfering with the server. After installing the firewall on your server, try and regulate the physical access into the server room. You should lock the server and only allow your trusted IT members to enter it. This is necessary to avoid people you do not trust from accessing the server where they may hack into the system without you knowing.

Access your server from secure networks only.

In accessing your sever, it is possible that other people may take advantage and hack into your site. To eliminate those cases, you should try and access your server from networks that are secured. If it is not possible for you to have a protected network, it is advisable for you to avoid accessing your server for security reasons as it can lead you to great loses due to the threat of hackers.