Pipping the Post in Smartwatch Race

News is surfacing that Apple’s biggest rival Samsung are soon to launch a new watch that will allow you to browse the Internet and make phone calls. Apple and Samsung will battle each other out on a whole new level. The Samsung watch is set to be called the Galaxy Gear and will be released on September 4th at the IFA, the annual technology trade fair in Europe. The watch will run on Google Android, this will allow you to download apps, browse the Internet and use email. Samsung are set to launch a whole range of wearable technology, great news for gadget geeks! It is speculated that health orientated gadgets will soon be released from Samsung also.samsung-galaxy-gear

Apple have also been engineering their own iWatch. However, it is not expected to be revealed until later in the year. Rumors are circulating that Apple have encountered challenges with usability, screen size and battery life. It aims to have the same sort of function as the Galaxy Gear. The first reports of an iWatch launch came to the surface in February this year.

Rivalry between Samsung and Apple is rife and Samsung will soon unveil their latest high-end smartphone. The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to be 5.6 inches and will boast one of the largest screens on the market. It will have increased memory, a better camera and a new stylus for writing digital notes. According to Strategy Analytics, industry trackers Samsung is in the market lead over Apple with a 33% share of the smartphone market, Apple has just 13% of the market share. Apple first launched the iPhone in 2007 and this has led to an explosion in the smartphone market. Since then Apple and Samsung have dominated both the smartphone and tablet market.

The question that remains is whether or not smart watches will take off. It is expected that 2014 will see five million smart watches shipped. That is 15 times the figure of 2012. Our shelves are destined for transformation in 2014 with a whole new crop of smart devices. Sony are also paving their way and their smartwatch has already proved to be a successful hit, likewise with Pebble’s version. Microsoft is also rumoured to be working on their own device. Technology is advancing constantly; as our lifestyle’s change so does the way we use technology. Everything is becoming more mobile, and now many of our everyday tasks that were based on the desktop can now be accessed from your wrist. If you do decide to invest, make sure to get gadget insurance to cover these nifty little companions!