SnapPea’ Device Management App for Android – First Look

With everyone owning mobile gadgets and the deluge of software applications, monitoring the functioning of mobile gadgets is gaining significance. This is where device management applications or mobile device management (MDM) software comes into play. They monitor and manage mobile gadgets that are installed by mobile operators and service providers by distributing applications and protecting the configuration and data settings for all mobile gadgets. This helps MDMs to minimize maintenance expenses and company risks.

While users of iOS devices make use of iTunes to manage their devices from Windows, Android users have different software options. With smarter gadgets and faster WiFi connections there is virtually no need to connect one’s gadgets to the computer every time one needs to synchronize files and folders on an Android device. Today applications are available to synchronize files and folders without wires and permissions from gadget users.

SnapPea is one such application that allows Windows PC based users to effortlessly control and synchronize Android mobile device without any trials or tribulations. This application is a free software that can be used to manage Android tools from Windows. At present, it is in beta phase. It is an impressive looking application which can be modified by choosing one of the several available themes.

Its features are very neat as all the buttons are grouped on the left side of the screen making it easy to access messages, email, contacts, etc. The main Welcome screen exhibits an actual screenshot of the phone screen. In order to make use of its functions both the SnapPea application for Windows and the SnapPea application for Android are required. It connects to one’s computer either by USB or Wi-Fi, and will automatically download and install USB drivers if necessary.

Its functions include the following:

  • It makes copies of contacts, text messages, and photographs automatically to the personal computer. This is an excellent substitute to the backup devices provided by cell phone operators as these backups are automatically protected.
  • It can create a new contact, import, export, delete or merge contacts.
  • It can read, forward, import, export, and delete text messages.
  • It can manage all applications that one has installed, move between internal storage and memory card and uninstall the unused applications.
  • It lets one manage media content like pictures, videos, music, etc. by dragging and dropping to a larger screen.
  • One can take screenshots of the device by connecting it to SnapPea with USB and mirror the mobile screen to the personal computer. This helps to quickly surf through the mobile phone data on a larger screen and also gives the options to import and export the information.
  • It combines the 1Mobile Apps store and the Google Play Store (to download applications) and the TED Talks and the iTunes Trailers (to download movies) into its desktop application thus allowing the downloading and installation of applications directly through the desktop.


SnapPea offers an uncomplicated way to manage information, back up important data, such as the list of contacts, photos, messages, etc, send messages using the computer’s keyboard, export conversations, download and install applications on the phone, etc. This all-in-one experience where one can manage almost everything about one’s mobile phone is SnapPea’s greatest attraction.