Are Social Networks also Search Engines? – Discover it Here

search_engineA search engine is a computer program used to retrieve data, files, and documents from a database, and the best known database is the internet, this computer software is capable of bringing the best quality information for us in the blink of an eye; this is why they are so special, because these giants perform an incredibly enormous task, they index all the information that is stored in the internet and present it in a handy, practical, and friendly way to be read, and just like search engines, social networks store information as well, but this information is related to people, businesses, or brands; social profiles are also indexed and presented in the same friendly way to any user that looks for someone. This is one of the main reasons to think that social networks are also search engines, but the truth is that there is much more than that, and if you want to know more about this keep reading to find out.

Search engines started as we know them today when the giant Google understood the need of retrieving best quality information from the web, Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a new and revolutionary way of not only indexing, but also delivering the information that a user typed in the search box. Google took the task of organizing the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. And going back to social networks, this is exactly what online social places did with the information of people all over the world, Mark Zuckerberg and the co-founders of Facebook developed a revolutionary, accessible, and useful way to find people from any place on the planet.

Social Networks

YouTube is another example of how merged social networks and search engines are, this colossus video database is also known today as the second largest search engine on the planet (after Google), but it also is a place where people can connect with people, it is designed in a very brilliant and simplistic way, and the videos uploaded to YouTube can be shared with millions of people with just one click; also the people who see those videos can leave a comment and interact with the person who uploaded the content, since social media is so connected now, chances are that also the friends of the people who visited the video will go and check it out. The power of social media is very viral ( Remember Gangnum Style?), and the fact is that every day more and more users are registering accounts and building profiles in these places.


Search engines as well are places that drive tons of traffic to websites; the power of search engines is that when someone types in a keyword in the search box, they strive every day to deliver the best quality content that they can find, and thus helping as well to make the connection between people. A social network can be compared with a search engine when we think that the main purpose is to connect the searcher with the finding; and social networks can make this possible with people and people’s information.

What do you think so far? – Hang on, there is still too much to discover

More now than before, social media is evolving into a different type of search engine, and little by little the information is now finding us. Many companies, businesses, brands, products, musicians, public figures, and politicians, are building social profiles because they understand this. The main reason for doing this is to grow their audience and even more, to stay connected with the audience that they already have. Social media is becoming a powerful way for marketing anything that you can think about. Here I would like to present you in more detail three top reasons why you don’t want to forget social media for your company, brand, or business, especially if you are trying to communicate a message to the masses. In the end these motives are aligned with the bigger purpose of growing an audience.

Marketing: The biggest part of any enterprise is always the marketing; the more you market the bigger your results are. Traditionally, marketing has been expensive and complicated, but today with social media you can do this easily and free. The power of marketing on social media is that it has the effect of word of mouth, which is the best way of advertisement.

Reputation: Building a professional profile on social media is very easy, and if you are trying to sell a message then social media is the place to do it, because with a little bit of high quality information you can impress many people, then they will tell their contacts about you and your expertise, and since people like to buy things from experts, social media is the best way to communicate your messages to others.

Traffic: If you have a website either for a big or small business, social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website, many people think that a large number of fans or followers is required in order to do this, but again, if you can deliver a great message to the right people then your business will be in a very healthy shape.

Now that you know more about how search engines and social networks are related, this could be a great time for you to start building social media profiles at the same time that you work to make your site visible for the search engines. In the end, they seem to be the same thing, and they will definitely help you to increase your audience, so just make sure to be social and friendly. Are social networks and search engines the same thing? What do you think?