No, money but I want to start a business online.

start a business online

There are a lot of options out there for people who to want to begin their entrepreneurial journey on the Internet.

When it comes to starting a business online with 0 money there are a few things that you must realize first.

#1. It’s not easy.

There’s no doubt you have come across different get rich quick schemes that claim it to be easy to earn a living online but that is a flat out lie.

#2. Your cost will be time instead of money

If you don’t have start up money you will have to invest a lot of time instead of your money, you need to be prepared to do what it takes.

#3. It’s Possible!

I’m going to give you a couple proven examples of ways you can begin to earn money online with out any money online whatsoever.

… So now that we’ve got that out of the way

Start a web design company!

I already know the first thing you probably going to say to me is “Dwayne I have no idea how to build websites!”

That’s fine neither do I but there is a free service that’s offered by and they allow you to make a website absolutely free!

Here’s the great part, they offer free website templates or themes that are fully customizable.

So one of the things that I would do if I was just getting started on online and wanted to generate my own income would be to go to Weebly and create websites for companies/people.

The design and most of the work is already done all you would do is have your client provide you with the content that they would like on the site and plug it into the template and that’s it.

You client would never even have to know that you used Weebly.

Start a freelancing company!

One other real way of making money online with out any start up money is doing freelance services for different online companies.

start a business online

There are sites like elance, odesk, and freelancer where companies go hire freelancers to complete different types of services for them.
I know for sure that there are a lot of people who have design skills or maybe really good with social media…
… there are companies out there who pay thousands of dollars per month for these services.

What I recommend is to go research on Google and master a specific skill over 3 or 4 days. Then start offering that skill on those sites (elance, odesk, freelancer). The idea is to master a skill that people are looking for on those sites and a skill that you have some level of interest in.

These two strategies alone will get you in profit mode online early so that you can start a different company down the line with an actual advertising budget and start up money.
I know that this works, it may not be the flashy type of stuff you see from a lot of different marketers but its free.

Author bio: 

Dwayne Golden Jr. is an internet marketer who has been living life on his own terms since 2007 as a result of his work online. He has a blog for young entrepreneurs who have that drive to really make an impact in business.