The Art of Software Testing

In the recent years, we have seen a rapid progress in the field of software testing and quality assurance. We can say that world has experienced an evolution in the field of software testing as many software testing companies have mushroomed in the various parts of the globe.
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Testing was first defined by Myers in 1979 in his book β€œthe art of software testing” as a way of executing the application and looking for the errors. However, the recent developments have totally changed the previous concepts of testing and it has emerged as a new field in the software engineering. The modern day studies have stated testing as an indispensible activity to ensure software quality. With the advent of the automation testing, achieving high quality standards through continuous improvement have become possible. Therefore, to confirm the quality of an application and to meet the expectations of the highly demanding user, applications are tested on the latest automated tools and toys available in the market place.

Performance testing is the recent β€œin” thing in the market and is used to test the performance of the developed applications. This testing is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is not a kind of testing to find the bugs and blemishes in an application, but is rather used by test engineers to measure the throughput time, scalability, load and performance related issues. Many software testing companies are providing performance testing services to the app development companies around the globe.

Performance testing is conducted via using different kinds of tools available in the market. However, as these tools are really expensive, open source tools are used widely for the purpose of testing and checking the throughput and load time. Although, there are many open source tools available, but the most popular open source tools include Jmeter, OpenSTA, WebLoad, Grinder and LoadUI. These tools facilitate the debugging process and check the application for the performance related issues.

The mobile app development companies are giving extraordinary importance and significance to test the performance of their app. As the user has become highly demanding and impatient, it has become mandatory for the app development companies to shorter the load and throughput time. The recent survey by a software testing company suggests that 6 out 10 users uninstall the apps that have load time of more than 5 seconds. Therefore, to ensure the finest end user experience and to optimize the overall performance of the application, performance testing has become imperative.

Keeping the above idea in mind and to capitalize the glittering business opportunity, many have setup the companies to offer mobile app testing services in USA. The concept behind the deployment of the test houses in to attain the core competency and high degree of specialization in this discipline. With the trained staff, right tools, economies of scale and affordable pricing model, these testing companies have positioned themselves right in the market to be potential customer of the app development companies.