The Best in Golf Gadgets

 High tech electronics aren’t just for businessmen in office anymore. Now these gadgets can follow you out to the golf course for your tee time. Golfing may be not be strenuous on the body, but it certainly is on the mind. These tech tools make the hard sport of golf easier by being your personal advisers  All conveniently small, some help your swing, tell you what angle and how far to hit the ball and others just keep you or your drink cold. From big to small the golf themed electronics will help you sink that sweet hole in one.


swing-byte-golf-gadgetWhen you’re on the tee box waiting for a friend or coworker to tee off, the last thing on your mind should be wondering if you’ll make a good shot. Take time at the practice range with Swingbyte to ensure a picture perfect fluid swing on the green. Swingbyte is a device that latches onto the shaft of any club in your bag. Lightweight and unobtrusive, you can confidently take a swing knowing that it won’t fly off the club shaft or hold you back.


Once you’ve swung and sent the golf ball flying off into the skies, you can both head back to your tablet or smartphone to view the results or keep swinging and check back later. The easy and modern display of the Swingbyte app makes it easy to see what’s both good and bad about your swing. It also provides helpful hints and tips on where to improve. It’s a great tool for golfers of all skill levels.

Upro MX+

upro-mx-golf-gadgetA sleek and modern looking tech golf gadget has been introduced by the respected golf brand Calloway, the Upro MX+ is a loaded GPS system packed with extra features and capabilities. See the course from a bird’s eye view with actual fly over and aerial images. You’ll most likely be the only one on the course with such a feature as it’s currently exclusive to the upro mx+ golf gadget. In addition to being ready to go out of the box and onto the greens; select from a hefty 25,000 courses already stored in its database. Should you want to add more or only keep your favorites you can log on to their online upro center and download or manage existing courses. While taking a step towards the future in technology, also take the opportunity to do away with outdated paper score cards and pencils. The upro mx+ will also digitally keep you and your golf mate’s score. Fresh to the market, it’s a tech gadget for golf that you won’t want to let swing by.

With today’s modern technology and the spread of information on the web, old time classic sports such as golf are getting welcomed improvements in terms of gadgets. The Swingbyte and the Upro MX+ are two of the most popular golf gadgets available for purchase today. They’re completely adaptable to any level golfer as well as any course. It’s great motivation to explore your tech side and improve your golf game.

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Rizxi is freelance writer who loves to write about Gadgets and tech news.