Top 10 Websites to Learn Web Development For Free

Web development

If you are talented with graphics yet clueless when it comes to coding it’s likely a firm that is tight on budget lets you go. The more skilled you are, the more valuable you will be.Gaining knowledge of coding enables you to design a stunning product with excellent user-friendly capabilities. At some stage in your career as a designer, you may be required to work as a project manager, web developer or content writer. Accepting these assignments and excelling at them will put your portfolio at a higher level.

So, here’s the list of Top 10 Websites to Learn Web Development.

1] W3Schools: W3Schools is a website developer’s portal, with tutorials and references relating to web development subjects, includingHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, and SQL. W3Schools is free of charge, and is funded through text and display advertising. The W3Schools CSS lessons teach beginners to web development about styling their page content.W3Schools also provide free lessons for JavaScript, PHP, SQL and ASP. W3Schools also offer a range of qualifications that users are able to get.

2] Pixel2Life: is a website that allows users to post their tutorials on their website in return for traffic. The site claims that it is the largest collection of tutorials on the web. It has over 80,000 tutorials across 90 categories. you can view as many tutorials as you want for free. It currently boasts of over 50,000 members.

3] Webmonkey: Webmonkey has various articles on building webpages from backend to frontend. The site covers many aspects of developing on the web like programming, database, multimedia, and setting up web storefronts. The content presented is much like Wired magazine but for learning to design web content. Webmonkey has content applicable to both advanced users and newer internet users interested in the underlying technologies of the web. In 1999, it introduced Webmonkey Kids, a web design tutorial site for children.

4] Smashing Magazine: Smashing Magazine is a website and blog that offers resources and advice to web developers and web designers. In December 2008 BurrellesLuce ranked Smashing Magazine number ten in their list of top blogs. As of August 2010, Smashing Magazine had an Alexa ranking of 606. Smashing Magazine also offers free fonts, icons, and templates for download, as well as showcasing other things of importance to the web development community, such as HTTP 404 error page designs.

5] Treehouse: Their mission: “Our goal is to teach Web Design, Web Development and iOS, to everyone in the World who wants to learn. Millions of people can’t afford a quality technical education, or if they can, it’s out of date immediately when they graduate. We aim to change that.

6] Web Design From Scratch: Web Design from Scratch is dedicated to helping you make better websites, whether you’re just starting out in web design, or you’re a pro web designer. This site is packed with free tips & tricks on web design, giving you everything you need… from graphic design to website production, monetizing your site and SEO.

7] Web Design Tuts+: Webdesigntuts+ is a blog made to house and showcase some of the best web design tutorials and articles around. The site publishes tutorials that not only produce great results and interfaces, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner.

8] PHP Academy: Provides free PHP tutorials and other web development tutorials, including tutorials for MySQL, JavaScript (including jQuery) and CSS. have a friendly forum if you need any help with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS and more! If you’re looking to get a website online, you can find useful information on reputable php hosting companies.

9] .Net Magazine: .Net is the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers, featuring tutorials from leading agencies, interviews with the web’s biggest names, and agenda-setting features on the hottest issues affecting the internet today.You’ll also find in-depth features, not to mention interviews where major industry players impart their wisdom.

10] Net Tuts +: Nettuts+ is a site aimed at web developers and designers offering tutorials and articles on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. We cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails. If you want to take your web development learning further, sign up for Tuts+ Premium.

And that is all. Crack your knuckles and plunge into web development today and help your website be the best it can be ( Sadly, I myself can’t afford a website :P ). Good luck to you all :D