Top 20 best free web analytics tools for SEO

free web analytics tool

Here are twenty great tools for checking on your websites traffic. These tools are great because they are free. They measure how many visitor your website or blog has received, and puts them into graphs and charts so that you can understand them more easily. Some of them are primarily focused on your websites SEO value.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and some of these tools will measure some things that affect your SEO such as the page loading time, or how many links are pointing towards the website.

It is in your interest to measure your traffic so that you know how well your website is doing. It also helps by telling you when your website is frequented the most.

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Some websites will insist that you pay for this information, but the truth is that some of the world’s best analytics software is free. On a similar note you will gain a lot of use from keeping track of your websites SEO elements. The tools on this list will help you to keep track of your websites SEO elements and your traffic.

1 – 4Q Survey (

If a survey is completed by your followers you can upload it onto 4Q Survey and you are able to see the customers’ answers through the surveys that have been conducted and view the answers easily.

2 – Clicky (

Clicky is good at providing real time analytics. The program’s GUI is clean and highly functional.

3 – eWeb Analytics 

eWeb Analytics is a web analytics program/software/website which will help you find out what each visitor is doing when they are on your website. You can see your results in real time too.

4 – FireStats (

FireStats doesn’t do a lot for you and doesn’t have any fancy charts and graphed however some people may find this easy to use when they are sorting out their stats.

5 – GoStats (

GoStats is tool which enables you to have a realistic reading of your stats so you know who and when people are using your websites and gives you a relatable reading.

6 – Going Up! (

Goingup! Allows you to search as well as use a powerful SEO feature which offers comprehensive activities for visitors so that you can keep track on what is going on throughout your website.

7 – Google Analytics (

google analytics tools

Google Analytics is one of the main analytics used as most people who are familiar with Google, and know that it is safe to use. There are many features you can use with Google analytics.

8 – Grape Web Statistics (

Grape Web Statistics allows your website administrators the ability to track and view their websites statistics easily and quickly. This stat viewer is also free to use.

9 – Hi Stats ( is a free easy to use website analytics which allows you to keep track of your website within real time so you can see when people are looking at your website and what they are looking for.

10 – Link Track (

This is a free online tracking website where you can see real updates on your websites without having to wait to see how many people have viewed your websites in that day.

11 – Piwik (

Piwik is an application which you have to download onto your computer to be able to keep track of your websites, and is built using PHP and MySQL.

12 – Quant Cast (

Quantcast is used to measure your media websites and keep track on how many people are using your websites for their searches. With this tool you can keep track of all your websites in one place.

13 – Reinvigorate )

Reinvigorate shows real time stats so that you know when visitors are looking at your website. This app also uses sensors to show you when a visitor is looking at certain parts of your website so you know where they are looking.

14 – Site Meter (

When you use Sitemeter you are able to see all your statistics and the tracking information, and results for your websites. It is free for you to use.

15 – Smarter Stats (

SmarterStats uses SEO. Software and allows you to view your website statistics easily and you are able to view more than one website statistics at a time.

16 – Stat Counter ( is a free service which enables you to track your website and see visitor statistics and track when they are visiting your website.

17 – Trace Watch (

TraceWatch shows you detailed statistics using the PHP languages. This allows you to keep track on the visitors that are viewing your website.

18 – Woopra (

Woopra is one of the best apps to use and is full of information which is easy to use and show real time statistics for your website so you who is visiting your website.

19 – Stats (

If you prefer simple statistic readers then this one is for you. It does not use too many functions and is easy for you to use, and check your website statistics.

20 – Yahoo! Web Analytics (Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics)

Yahoo Web Analytics
Yahoo! Web Analytics is full of different features for you to be able to check all your website statistics easily and so that you know how many people are viewing your website.

I hope you make the best use of these tools and beat the competition. Good Luck!

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