Top 3 Best Apps for Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is the ultimate game for any serious football fan. However, keeping all the stats and possibilities
straight can be more than a little challenging. An app can make all the difference in whether you win or lose. Check out the top 3 fantasy football apps to help make you a better player in real time, so you can manage your lineup from anywhere, right up to cut-off time.

fantasy football app
Yahoo! Fantasy Football App

The Yahoo! Fantasy Football App is the most popular of apps for fantasy football and for good reason. The price simply can’t be beat – it’s free. Available for both iPhone and Android, the Yahoo app lets to keep up with multiple leagues and teams, so you can manage all your fantasy football accounts easily from one app. Updates on injuries, football news and live scoring updates mean that you have all the tools you need for those weighty decisions every week.
yahoo fantasy football
The 2013 updates let you do even more with the Yahoo app. You can now use the app to draft players. You can create your own league or join one. Stay in touch with the other team owners in your fantasy football league through message boards. A new interface and faster performance makes it an excellent choice for this season. After last November’s game day outage of its fantasy sports website, Yahoo! still has some making up to do to users. Let’s hope the app’s improvements soothe those ruffled feelings.

ESPN Fantasy Football App

espn fantasy football app
The other big name in fantasy football apps is the ESPN app, which is also free and available for Android and iPhone. It offers the same features as the Yahoo app. Ease of managing multiple teams and leagues, as well as live updates, makes it a wise choice. Live drafting from the ESPN app is also new this year. With personalized alerts for your teams, message boards and live updates, you are always on top of your game with the ESPN app. In order to use the ESPN app, you must however have an ESPN Fantasy Football team.

Fantasy Football Monster ’11

The Fantasy Football Monster app is the ultimate app for the serious fantasy football player. It is available only for the iPad. It lets you manage teams from different leagues all in one app. You can handle your ESPN, and Yahoo! teams easily all in one place. You can change around your lineup, offer trades, check matchups and score and more with this easy to use, all-in-one fantasy football app. You are not tied to any one fantasy football league with this app.

Fantasy Football makes watching football more interactive and exciting than ever. Make sure you choose a quality Fantasy Football app to help you manage your teams and leagues, so you come out the victor!

Author Bio:
Tom is a fantasy football fan who practically lives in front of his TV all football season long. He loves the fact that the DIRECTV Sports lineup ensures he has all the information he needs to make the best fantasy football selections.