Top 5 iPhone Health Apps For Making Your Increasing your life span

iPhone Health Apps

Did you know that your smartphone can save your life? According to a new survey by Pew Research Center, only 10 percent of Americans have downloaded health related applications on their smartphones. According to the research a lot of people don’t know that there are a lot of health applications that can positively impact on their health if they download them and learn how to use them. Living a healthy life is very important for any human being.

This article guides you through some of the top 5 health iPhone applications that will make your life better.

Cosmetic Dentistry Calculator-

This useful health application is both an analytical tool and special calculator that should be on every dentist’s iPhone. It helps to perform a lot of calculations and technical diagnostics that help the dentist during consultations. Cosmetic dentistry calculator is able to smartly diagnose the existing length ratio to width of the patient’s tooth. This calculator used the ideology of cosmetic dentistry in determining the patient’s dimensions of the maxillary front teeth. This health application is very crucial in planning beauty cases; it contains a complete smile blueprint checklist to help the dentist craft an attractive smile for the patient.

Lose It!-

This is a perfect health application which if used can make a significant impact on how people live particularly those who are concerned about weight loss. This application helps you track your calories intake by just inputting your food intake and it does the rest. Additionally this health application also helps display some of the nutritional benefits of any food or drink you take. If you are concerned about maintaining a healthy weight and saying goodbye to weight related health problems this is the right application for you.

iPhone Health Apps

Emergency Medical Center Locator-
This great health application helps you to easily locate and contact the best and closest medical centers in case of an emergency. All you need to do is to choose your care centre for instance cardiac, pediatric, trauma, burn or stroke and hit on the nearby centers button. To find the best centers simply tap on the top rate medical centers and the results appear within seconds. This is one of the iPhone health applications that is transforming lives.


Hiring a professional health and fitness coach can be quite expensive and very few people can afford it. However iPhone’s health application iFitness is a perfect alternative that shows you how to exercise better. If you want to improve on your gym performance iFitness is the ideal application that helps you to do that. This health application has a lot of video exercises that you can watch and learn how to become fit safely and affordably.


WebMD Mobile-

This is yet another iPhone health application that helps you to remain healthy; it is just like a normal health practitioner. It helps you diagnose yourself without the aid of a health practitioner; you can get several things that affect your health for instance a drug prescription at the comfort of your mobile screen. It has vast information on any medical condition from the common illnesses to the fatal ones. This application is however not an actual doctor substitute though it can save your life.

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