Top 5 Stylish cases for the iPhone 5

You want your iPhone 5 to be protected from scratches and drops, but you also want your iPhone 5 to look good – different, suave, elegant. In this article, we’ll show you five of the most stylish new cases for the iPhone 5.

1. Twelve South SurfacePad Luxury Leather iPhone 5 Case

Twelve South got rave reviews for their first luxury iPhone case, the BookBook, and now they’re back with a new one: the SurfacePad. This case is slim and fully featured, boasting an elegant integrated stand and a beautiful leather finish. If you’re looking for a sophisticated leather case for the iPhone 5, the SurfacePad should be the first case you try.

2. SwitchEasy FreeRunner Hybrid Case for iPhone 5

SwitchEasy-FreeRunner-Hybrid-CaseIf you don’t want to sacrifice protection when you’re choosing an iPhone 5 case but you still want something with a unique look, then the SwitchEasy FreeRunner might be for you. The case includes a whimsical bubble design, inlaid into a hybrid case with both silicone and thermoplastic used in its construction.

3. Nikki Pinder iPhone 5 Hard Case


This series of cases includes artwork by illustrator Nikki Pinder. There are five designs to choose from, each with a complex design that’ll make your iPhone stand out from the crowd. The cases are protective too, with their hard shells preventing scratches and impact damage alike.

4. Mischa Barton Luxury Union Flag Leather Case

mischa-barton-luxury-union-flag-leather-case-for-iphoneThese cool Uunique-made, Mischa Barton-branded cases are some of the nicest I’ve seen for the iPhone 5. They’re made of genuine crocodile leather for an up-market look and feel, and come with tastefully ostentatious designs that are sure to impress.

5. Marware MicoShell for iPhone 5 – Onyx Flower Bed

Here’s another stylish case that combines looks with functional protection. The case includes a cool geometric flower design and measures less than 1 millimetres thick. Despite this, it still provides good scratch protection and holds up well against minor impacts too.