Top 5 Stylish cases for Nokia Lumia 920

Today we’ll be looking at some of the most stylish Nokia Lumia 920 cases. Let’s get right into the selections!

5. PDair Leather Flip Case


This case for the Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the nicest leather cases on the market, offering a simple flip form factor with a soft leather construction. Combined with the complementary hand stitching and magnetic clasp, you’re looking at a simple but well put together package that offers simple sophistication.

4. BodyGuardz Full Body Protector


Sometimes, the best case can be the one that adds the least. For those in that frame of mind, these BodyGuardz full body protectors are ideal. Like screen protectors add a nigh-invisible level of protection to screens, these full body protectors add protection without adding bulk. While impact resistance isn’t comparable to a true case, these can prevent scratches without significant investment.

3. Tech21 Impact Snap


This clever case gets its place in this list through the use of the proprietary D3O compound, which provides impression impact protection in a small space. Thanks to the stuff’s ability to instantly harden in reaction to impacts, you’ll find that you can get away with having a very slim case that still protects with the best of them. The Impact Snap looks great too, as a slim form-fitting cover that adds little bulk to your Lumia 920.

2. Piel Frama iMagnum


The Piel Frama iMagnum is one of the most popular leather cases for any phone, boasting unparalleled attention to detail. The case is hand-made using premium materials at every turn over a 25 day period. Piel Frama only use selected grade 1a leather from individually chosen cows, paired with premium Gutermann thread and a custom viledon lining. If you’re looking for premium quality, you’ll find it in this master-crafted case.

1. Case-Mate Barely There

Another old favourite, eh? The Barely There is one of the best selling cases for any phone, offering a winning blend of adequate protection and a very thin package. The Barely There lives up to its name, and like the BodyGuardz offers an intermediate step between an unprotected phone and a cased one, a best of both worlds approach where you can have your protection without turning your phone into a brick.