Top Four SmartPhone Applications for Journalists

SmartPhone Applications for Journalists

The advent of numerous innovation communication devices has brought a revolution in international journalism arena. Nowadays, journalists work since dawn to midnight for covering their day-today stories. In this way, it has become necessary for field reporters to use ultra modern devices to store and compose the ongoing news contents. Surprisingly, smartphones have made it simple. Now, you can get all the needed applications in your smartphone and cover an ongoing event easily.

Stunning Smartphone Applications for Field Journalists:

Magisto Video Editor:

This application is useful to make editing of your recorded videos and images. You can make needful changes in your content. At first, this video editing application was published in mobile reporting guide of UC Berkeley. Since then, it has been beating top video editing applications, including Apple’s own iMovie. You get the freedom of mixing two different videos and audio files with the help of this smartphone application. Some of the other features of this app are voice-over recording, and script writing. However, you can take some time to understand its feature but it will make your reporting more sharp then before. You can get this app for $9.99.

Sound Cloud

SmartPhone Applications for Journalists

It is a highly resourceful free-of-cost application for recording sound. Usually, you do not find many applications from iPhone and Android for recording of audio bytes. Thus, it fits well in such needs. If you are taking someone’s interview or taking audio bytes from crowd at an ongoing mass protest, then it is a nice app to use. You just need to open this app in your smartphone to record the sound-byte. Further, you can edit the audio tape to refine the voice quality.

Google Goggles 

It is a useful application for journalists. It helps reporters in understanding the language, when they work out of their native places. iPhone or android camera is the essential requirement of this application. This app provides information about the landmark. The language translation is the key feature of this application. You can click the picture, store image and later use the data. You can also save the search history that allows you to get back on the recent finished point.

YouTube Capture

Recently, YouTube has launched it video editing tab. Journalists can use this tab in iPhone and iPad devices. This app is helpful in recording and editing of videos in field reporting. You can add background music using this app. It is also useful for image stabilization, trimming and basic color correction.

All above-mentioned Smartphone apps will help you in managing your journo diary more easily than before. Journalists use to be in hurry at all times. Therefore, these applications will be good for any reporter. You just need to install these apps in your Smartphone.  These apps will enable you to record, edit, and share real-time content in a hassle free manner. There are multiple applications for reporters but these ones are the most essential for every reporter.

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