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Ubuntu, by Canonical, is no more an unknown name. It is your very own popular and convenient computer operating system that is based on Debian Linux distribution. It is fast, free and is used by millions of desktop PC’s, laptops and other clients. Ubuntu offers you all the things that other operating systems do, however it does it more professionally at a faster speed and with better security. Oh, did I not mention, it is free ofcourse. Ubuntu operating system comes with thousands of free apps too, to make your life easier, simpler and more fun.

About Ubuntu Phones

Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu, announced during CES 2013, will now offer phones with the Ubuntu operating system that has created a revolution in the field of communication and mobile industry. With the Phones, Ubuntu is a popular desktop OS that offers the customers a touch phone interface that works on all sides. It makes extremely good use of all four interfaces to help the customers enjoy and relish the better quality experience and a much more powerfully impressive screen. It uses every edge of your phone and phone screen and It has this amazing ability of coordinating your mobile phone and your personal computer and make the experience all the more enthralling for you. The interactive edges make switching between apps happen at a faster speed and also enhances the settings and control options for the users. According to a report on Free Calls Hub “If you are a tech-savvy person this news will give you orgasmic pleasure anyways, but even for not so nerdy people Ubuntu for smartphones is going to be a game changer.”

Advantages Of Ubuntu

Ubuntu introduced by Canonical gives a unique experience of computers and desktops on super smart phones. You can dock phones on docks and work with them like a monitor with the desktop, keyboard and mouse for better utility and faster speed. You can also use the thousands of apps on your smart phones cum desktop/PC’s. It offers faster and a more beautiful interface for entry-level smart phones to use apps and to get your stuff organized. It is perfect to be used by those who want a beautiful but easy to use basic smart phone and a thin client that is easy to manage with basic enterprise. It is way different from android and manages your phone clutter very efficiently and beautifully.

Competition With Other OS

Competitive prices, Ubuntu is offered to the customer at almost the same rate as its competitors. This too is one reason why customers pick Ubuntu as their favorite choice. It has emerged as a tough competition in line with Android and iOs. Visually it is way better and different than other operating systems and is cleaner and more stylish. It supports all rich applications and is doing very well with all of the users who have graciously made Ubuntu their choice. A lot of Android developers already use Ubuntu to develop their mobile applications so there is already a preferable market ready to be used by Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu system requirements are limited. All it needs is dual-core Cortex A9 running at 1 GHz, and 512 MB RAM and you can get started with your own personal and customized Ubuntu experience.

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