USB 3.0 To Get 10Gbps Throughput

USB 3.0
Image courtesy-The Verge 

A new specification being pushed by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group offers double the current throughput rate on USB 3.0 devices while maintaining backward compatibility. The latest generation of USB 3.0 technology supports data rates of 5Gbps, which might seem like a sufficient amount of bandwidth, but with the advent of high-speed storage solutions and the size of the backup that is at times required to be taken or transferred, a higher throughput is being pushed. 

With regular users with peripheral devices like storage disks and external hard drives that can take 2TB of data, transferring their collection of movies, music or other files can take a significant amount of time. In a world where everyone’s pressed for time all the time, an increase in throughput rates for USB devices would be a welcome change for anyone who is regularly involved with data transfer using USB storage solutions.

With Thunderbolt also looking at increasing data ranges by the end of next year, or perhaps sometime next year, there’s a current stand-off in the industry between USB and Thunderbolt. However, most people do believe that USB is great for compatibility and is a whole lot cheaper than Thunderbolt, while Thunderbolt offers a direct extension of a display port and PCI express bus data for expansion which let’s face it, is impossible through USB, quite literally.

The backward compatibility of USB 3.0 with prior versions makes this a convenient change. It also makes it a direct competitor to the Thunderbolt technology used by Intel and Apple which has four times the data rates of USB 3.0 at present. The current proposal is expected to be complete by mid-2013, which will not only include an increased data transfer rate but also brings with it an improved input output efficiency and continued full backward compatibility with all USB protocols.

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