Is Vine Jealous of Instagram?

The Vine vs. Instagram Competitionvine-instagram-faceoff

In the last week of June of this year, the network of Instagram and Facebook had a debut video that is controversially new. After which they made a showdown with Vine and Twitter for these two products are mostly similar but have key differences that set them apart and at each other’s throats.

These two apps are different in the following ways.

  • The length of Instagram’s video clips is fifteen seconds while vine is six seconds. The longer limit of time is supposed to ration a good longer portion of time to shoot videos as opposed to Vine’s six seconds. This is good but according to the press it really depends if the film is either interesting or boring because if it is boring it’s quite pointless to have fifteen seconds of a shot of film.
  • Shooting the film is quite the same for these two apps but there is also a difference. With Vine you can touch anywhere on the screen and it will shoot. With Instagram it has to be a certain red button that is somewhat difficult to find. However, it creates effects of foreground and background which is really kind of cool. Also, Instagram is more stable after shooting which is good for longer clips.
  • Instagram is able to delete shots and use filters in your photos. It is effective this way if you have shots that are awfully done and needs retouching. Before the announcement on Facebook, Vine came up with an advertisement of being able to save drafts which is something good to anticipate.

A Fun Loop

Another feature of Vine is the loop. It repeats and so is good for animation. But Instagram didn’t imitate or compete with this feature perhaps for traditional reasons which is to make a good video once and worthy of only once.

Instagram has a 100 plus million users which means by this alone it already has an edge over Vine.


It would be good to know that Facebook acquired Instagram while Twitter acquired Vine thus the battle ensued between the two giant networks.

Unruly, a provider of social space video launched a Vince technology set for this product. It can now produce Vioneers or experts in Vine video taking which can partner with brands to create purposeful videos. Advertisers can use Sharerank to know how well their Vine videos would do pre and post-launch. Brands can optimize their product videos by automatically displaying what is their best video. Unruly has a way to distribute their videos across the social media landscape.

Right now Instagram has all sorts of usage. It can be the darling of the social media by selling products and advertising brands. But so does Vine. However, the widespread use of Instagram is obvious that Vine has to humbly work up to its image as a fall back. Which really is it? Which is winning? Does the loop merely give you a feeling that you would want to vomit or does it really serve the purpose of animation in a few overanalyzed seconds?