Weekend Plans – Saturday

Alright. Let’s get down to this.

  1. Create profiles on Indeed and 2 other job portals
  2. Update my resume with work related projects handled
  3. Research tech companies and apply on their job portal
  4. Search and bookmark a new affordable keyboard and mouse. The keys in my keyboard have become stiff and makes it harder to type. Not super important, but it’s good to have proper tools and equipment for your job.
  5. Keep browsing Reddit and watching movies to a minimum

The beginning of this week, I had discovered that my company provides access to digital magazine subscriptions.

I have been gobbling up Inc. during my commute. This is a God send. Saved me from being bored on my 1.5 hour to and 2 hour commute back from work.

Yesterday a recruiter had called and scheduled an interview with a very big Fin Tech company on a weekday. I was really interested as it was in my current domain. I couldn’t make it due to project deadlines. I requested for a phone interview. He hung up on me.

I will make sure I don’t spend more than 20 minutes on a blog post. I will just get my thoughts together, write and publish them quickly.

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