White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO or black hat SEO? That’s the question. From the moment that there was talk about optimizing a website for search engines, it’s not clear whether black hat SEO is or is not a convenient way to achieve better results. We can indeed see black hat techniques as applying optimization techniques in a way that it really should not. In this article I will explain exactly what is the difference between the two forms of and especially whether or not it is wise to go to the “Dark” side.

There have been several discussions about whether or not to follow black hat in recent years all over the world. Basically, it’s is nothing more and nothing less than a collection of tricks that make it possible to mislead Search Engines so that they still get a better position in the search engine results page also known as SERPs.

A familiar example is in the placement of keywords in a specific location in your page as the same color as the page background. Visitors to the website will not notice these keywords, but the crawlers index them. It goes without saying that this trick today is already known to the employees of search engines and they have the resources to trace them.

Several examples from history have also shown that they are hard against the “abusers” once found. The website of the car manufacturer BMW for example, was removed because of this reason for no less than thirty days from the search index. No one is above Google in such matters. It’s their massive online empire and we are supposed to make good and proper use of it or else suffer when all your traffic suddenly disappear.

Do not get me wrong. Indeed black hat ways bring advantages and the tricks work in practice, but they are not appreciated by SEs. So you know where to start and whether you want to take to be or risk being removed from the search index.

Choose the safe ‘white’ way?

But what is white hat SEO then? White hat search engine optimization is all forms of optimizing your site that are permitted by search engines. Examples are the use of keywords in the domain name, title and heading tags, etc. Spending enough time and energy to achieve this will certainly be much more rewarding than when you are trying to achieve the same using all sorts of blacklisted options.

There are certain companies in the market that actively promote the “Dark way”. However, such efforts have led to a well-known black hat ranking company along with all of its customers to be removed from the search index. So keep this in mind when you want to do it.

Long-term SEO is the most profitable.

Although to use blackhat ways is never advisable, nevertheless, it has become increasingly difficult to successfully implement and profit from it. Google is able to recognize invalid methods and then will penalize your site. Therefore contact your search engine optimization expert to see that only safe SEO techniques on your website are applied.