Why you need a smartphone?

Day and age the smartphone has progressed to a level wherein the gadget has become a substitute for an array ofsmartphone-options devices that earlier possessed a distinct individual identity of their own. Say for example, a music player and a camera, which were two completely different gadgets during the 90’s, now come as a package along with several other functions including that of a telephonic device.

We are no more comfortable with carrying a lot too many things on us, no matter where we are heading. If one gadget solves the purpose of many, there isn’t much more that anyone of us would ask for. This approach of users has led to an excessive demand for smartphones that come with multiple features. Buyers are also encouraged to opt for newer models as technology continuously advances bringing forth a whole new set of improvised as well as new aspects. A few of the basic features in smartphones that have witnessed a continuous progress would be:

  • Messaging – What was earlier limited to text messages has now emerged as a platform that can accomplish tasks that include emails, creating pdf files, Microsoft Word, etc.
  • Camera – Previously the best that a phone camera could offer was zoom and clicking in various modes such as sepia, grey-scale etc. Now this very feature allows you to shoot videos in high definition and edit instantly. Even pictures can be enhanced using various software available on a smartphone.
  • External Peripherals – A mobile phone from the past only offered you external peripherals for an audio jack and charging. The recent phones can be connected to laptops and other gadgets via USB and information can be transferred from one platform to another.
  • Battery Life – A one time charging in phones today provide a battery life of over 18 hours of talk time which is a great leap as compared to the old gadgets that usually didn’t last more than an hour or two.
More than a phone

Lets get over the basics and talk about something that can be termed as the “soul” of a smartphone. I am sure most of you have guessed it by now but for those who haven’t, I meant applications. You cant imagine yourself buying a phone with no applications as something of this kind doesn’t really exist. And speaking of Applications how can one not talk about the “father” of it all – Apple. The iPhone redefined what phones are today, especially through iPhone mobile apps development.


Several iphone app development companies across the globe have magnificently coded applications that are so well integrated to the features of the device, that they provide a completely unique experience to the end users. They have made us forget what some of these platforms used to be like earlier as the iPhone mobile apps development teams across the globe have completely transformed the original into a brand new extensively packaged product.

You walk into your favorite shop, and a store employee uses an iPad to pull up the wish list you made online at home and brings you the merchandise. Then you skip the line and check out directly with the employee.Almost 70% of smartphone owners plan to use the devices for holiday shopping, according to a survey of more than 5,000 consumers by Deloitte.

The list is almost endless. And now you know why you need a smartphone.