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windows display problems

Gone are the days when you called up the repair engineer even if your system’s light blinked? Growing up with the technology is a good option then only you will be able to beat up with the potentiality. So the latest says, type your problem on a search engine and follow the instructions to fix up the annoying software issues that are troubling you. So Congratulations! You have landed up on the right page if your system is facing Video errors, or you wish to use event viewer. I have listed the most advisable solutions for your problems:

Nothing looks clear: Video display problems 

Version: XP, Vista, 7

Is your system displaying your mnemonic video playing clearly? Does the screen appears too dark or light or a low colour balance, when the video is being played? Then it’s sure that you need help. This mal-functioning does happen because the video uses special “overlay” settings in place of Windows’ own.

Now comes the second question that how will you come out of this messy situation then simplyright-click the desktop and just surf for an Nvidia or ATI option. In case you lack to find it then choose “Personalization” or “Properties” instead. After this click on the available options, be it Settings or Display Settings and after this you will surely find out tabs for a video or advanced option. Once you get the one just ensure that the video settings comply with yourplayer, and not your graphics adaptor. And when you are done with this process just save the changes you have made and this will simply resolve the issue.

Please get me my Event Viewer!

Version: Vista, 7

Windows resting on your desk are assigned the task to record all major events; it includes all the specific areas that probably include errors and warnings. And the fore-mentioned facilitates the process of troubleshooting. After this simply press the Windows key and [R], type “eventvwr.msc” and press [Enter]. After you have done the above mentioned process you simply put the Windows Logs in it maximum size and click on a log.

After this you are required to click the Filter Current Log option, once you are done with this process just tick Critical, Error and Warning and then click OK. When you are on the verge of recurring your event manager, just click an event that occurred around the time of your problem. When you are doing this you will come across much detailed information about your problem, also if you find a link online do select it, if you don’t rely it, then also give it quick read.

At time this may also happen that some of the events that you try to know may not come up with some extra information, but many will. Also if you read it, possibly it may help you out to get reasonable solutions. Also do this, make a note of any extra detail to use in a Google search, it may assist your surfing.

So these were the solutions that you wanted to hear, and probably the easiest one to drag you out of the tough situation you are going through.

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