Winds of Change

The main reason why I started this blog and keep it still running till today was to make money from it.

Learning about making money online fascinated me. I tried many things-

  1. Paid surveys
  2. Clicking on Google ads myself on this blog which was previously and thus getting banned from Google Adsense. I moved on to Chitika (another fail) and then to Clickbank.
  3. Writing on Squidoo.
  4. Writing on article directories with affiliate links. God this so felt like easy money.
  5. Moving my blogspot blog to a paid shared hosting and domain name after witnessing 1 sale which got me $23 in affiliate commission. This first sale gave me proof that I can make money online. I haven’t had anotherĀ  sale of that product ever again. The first one was a fluke I guess.
  6. Selling Photoshop and video editing services on Fiverr. I was able to grow it from $10/mo to $120/mo. At times it got a little hectic which was expected of freelancing.

I was settled. Making INR 7000 – 8000/mo (US$ 110) combined from Fiverr and this blog was pretty good pocket money. My investments on domain and hosting on my blog was worth it. This went on for 5-6 months.

I had started working at my current job full time and travelling 4 hours/day made me inactive on Fiverr. Sales started dropping steadily. Fiverr promotes sellers who are active. My gigs were deactivated without me realizing it until I logged on. Fiverr doesn’t send any warning message before deactivating your gigs. Good on you for ditching your money makers Fiverr! Now I am making $0.

This blog was still bring chump change from just 1 Clickbank product. Thanks to it crappy nature and high return rates.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have any loyal readers. Even if I did, I’d like to apologize for posting promoted and lifeless content always. All of those articles don’t earn me money anyway.

I’m now back to writing again but with a new different set of reason.

  • To keep a journal

I was going through my life aimlessly. Keeping a journal of what you do everyday is very important to keep track of where you are and where you want to be.

  • To bring discipline in my endeavors

I’d like to note down what I did for the day to advance my career. This will ensure that I do at least one thing everyday which will help meĀ  develop professionally.

That’s it for today. Wish me luck.

P.S This post was supposed to be ready 3 days ago. Travelling takes it’s toll

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